Cakes and Special Orders!

 Read below before filling in form.

Please use the form below to submit a request for a cake order or other type of special order!
Please note: We ask that our customers give us at least a week of notice for cake and other customer orders. Your order is not guaranteed until you have been sent an invoice and that invoice is paid. 
Our company is 100% vegan! What does that mean? We use absolutely no egg or dairy products in anything that we produce. We do have gluten free options but our skills are limited to only a few so please ask what is available to you! 
Help us to serve you better, when submitting a request give us as many details as you can to speed up the process. 
Please include: Date for pickup, amount of servings you are needing, flavors you like, any specific colors for your design, please type out any messages you would like written on your cake!

 Cake flavors:

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, coconut, italian cream*(almond, coconut, pecan), lemon, biscoff cookie, german chocolate*, carrot*, ube(purple sweet potato)*, Gluten free chocolate(contains almonds)*

*indicates specialty flavor which may incur upcharge

     Cake sizes, # of servings, price:

    6 inch 2 layer (4-6 servings) start at $30

    6 inch 4 layer ( 8-12 servings) start at $54

    8 in 2 layer (6-10 servings) start at $33

    8 inch 4 layer (12-16 servings) start at $64

    1/4 sheet 4 layer (up to 25 servings) start at $94

    Anything larger please let us know!